Deborah Pope, PA
Coldwell Banker Realty

A Smart Home for High Tech Living

Smart home tech promises to make life easier. Now, Coldwell Banker is helping to make selling your house easier, too. In fact it's so keen on home gadgetry it's going to start selling "Smart Home Staging Kits" to help homeowners smarten up their listing.

Coldwell Banker who is a sponsor of CNET Smart Home  partnered with CNET last year to study the emerging smart home category and learn how it might impact the real estate trade.

The results were fascinating -- particularly the fact that 81 percent of respondents said they would be more likely to buy a home if it already had smart home tech installed."Smart home technology is a consumer driven movement," said Sean Blankenship, Coldwell Banker's chief marketing officer. "Our research confirms this technology has a positive influence in the appeal of a home -- and agents agree."

To that end, Coldwell Banker has signed a first-of-its-kind supplier agreement to sell bundled kits of gadgets to homeowners who list their home on Coldwell Banker. The idea is simple: a smarter home is an easier sell.