COVID-19: One Solution To Ease Buyer Concerns

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The Naples Area Board of Realtors has been working hard to help us find solutions for YOU as a Buyer or Seller as we enter into this uncharted territory of dealing with the Coronavirus.  I know we are all doing our part as best as we can to follow recommended guidelines and being proactive to stay home when possible, and support our local businesses when possible.

Kevin Lottes, Esq, NABOR's Legal Resources Committee and Certified Real Estate Attorney has graciously updated the Brokerage community from the Naples Area Board of Realtors (on the creation of the latest created by this committee: Addendum to Sales Contract COVID-19 (for potential use on new sales contracts) & Amendment to Sales Contract COVID-19 (for potential use on existing contracts if needed).  Thank you Kevin Lottes for presenting this information to us!

He lays out this Addendum can be used if & where appropriate by the Buyer/Seller.  This Addendum may address the Buyer/Seller's concerns on the 'what-it's' as it relates to contractual obligations that may be impacted due to travel, imposed isolations, and business and services being closed. As a Realtor®, we cannot offer legal advice, and must for very good reason direct you to a legal consultant like Kevin Lottes, Esq of Lottes Law Group, located right here in Naples, FL. He offers expert legal advise on any real estate transaction you may enter into. 

Real Estate Addendums for Covid-19 Naples, FL